Sometimes It's Better to Stay in Bed

by Victor S. Smith

The alarm clock bellowed at me to get out of bed, but I just wasn't ready so I turned over (after the hitting the snooze button and went back to sleep for another 8 glorious minutes). Morning progressed as it usually does: shower, shave, clothes, yogurt, door, lock, stairs, walk – but today was different, ominous. The pouring rain made the walk to work insufferable; drenched, and twenty-five minutes late, I made my way into my cubicle when the boss came from around the corner, "We... need to talk." Yes, I like my job; no, it won't happen again; yes, I have an umbrella, but the wind turned it inside out and I threw it away; sure, it makes perfect sense to give Johnson-from-marketing the promotion, what could I possibly do with all that extra money? The sun started to break through the clouds and I was convinced that the afternoon was going to shape up, until the passing delivery van hit that giant puddle that soaked me from head to toe, again, but this time in muddy stagnant water. The one thing I would have to look forward to was a hot cup of tea and a smile from my wife; but, waiting for me on the door when I got home: Dear John.


Victor S. Smith is a recovering economist, who caught a writing bug penicillin isn't clearing up. His two blogs are Like Pollution and Marlowe's Sketch Pad.