I Don't Feel Tardy

by Starstruck

The rapidfire drums of Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" just started playing in my headphones. I contemplate climbing up onto my cubicle table and prancing around like a giddy Phys Ed teacher turned go-go girl. However, I quickly realize that I'll look ridiculous since no one else can hear the music except me. I tuck my beauty pageant sash and foil streamer curtain back in my desk drawer and sulk. Instead, I suggest to my officemates that later the four of us bust out of our building's front doors in a headbanging rage like the kids in the video. However, the success of that operation depends on whether or not David Lee Roth is available to pick us up after work.


Starstruck is the author of Septemberfest. She's from Connecticut and spends her free time defending Tommy Lee to haters.


writeorbust said...

I adore your zest for Life.

Kimi said...

Hilarity. Complete and total hilarity. I adored it!

Madam Z said...

Go ahead and dance, Starstruck. Life is short. Your story is good. Life is good. David Lee Roth is waiting outside.