A Dog Meat Dog World

by Harry B. Sanderford

By 1962, her beauty faded and her promotional appeal diminished, Hellevi in an odd twist of fate found it necessary to seek employment in the factory that produced the very franks she’d helped to popularize back in her spokesmodel days. She started in lymph nodes and nostrils and after only seventeen months was promoted to the cartilage and organ meats division. In no time at all she’d been through knuckles and spleens, and was well on her way in colorings and preservatives. Her rise was meteoric. "Unprecedented," remarked Tube Steak Today, the industry journal that again and again profiled Hellevi’s accomplishments. She was it seems a natural, a term not tossed freely about in either the spokesmodeling or the Red Hots biz.


Harry B. Sanderford, author of Honey I'm Home, is a Central Florida surfing cowboy who'd sooner spin yarns than mend fences.