by Timothy David Hepner

So diffusion, huh? I'm trying to diffuse myself throughout the world by writing poetry, while tigers are killing cubs that sprang not forth from their loins and dye dropped in water spreads out until all is uniformly purple. I am a celibate, creative, romantic male, flowing over with creative energy, and I only want to burn myself up into another. Is this why I, like the tiger and the dye, cannot help but diffuse myself? Is this why I tend toward jealousy, and seek out with sniper-scope-narrow vision anyone who seemingly threatens to supplant my identity? I cannot answer; I'm studying diffusion, and this is Biology Class.


Timothy David Hepner, a college student from Illinois, is also a Roman Catholic seminarian.

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RomanceWriter said...

Very deep. It made me think of myself and the world at large.