Blind Date

by sandshovel

His internet picture revealed a man with broad shoulders and an intensity in his eyes; he reminded me of a man I was obsessed with years ago. Although he was twelve years younger, I felt compelled to meet him and so we met. He shed his broad shoulders by peeling off two jackets and a vest; I felt deceived. My profile stated I am a non-smoker; I pulled a package out of my purse and asked him for a light. Just when I was about to rate this date as dismal and deceptive, he told me he recently hit a blind woman crossing the street and killed her. We sat huddled together like conspirators at the North Shore Quay and I listened to his story as the gulls hovered and the tug boats chugged across the bay.


sandshovel loves the outdoors. If she's not running, biking or climbing a mountain, she's at the beach: pail and shovel in hand.

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writeorbust said...

Dig it. Now we need his story in six.