The Receptionist

by Oliver Cassidy

The receptionist was hired without a reference. She made a nice appearance. She called herself Courtney; we later found out her real name was Bernadette. She was always on time, always polite and well-informed, and what little makeup she wore was always perfectly applied. No one pegged her for suicide. Life went on without her.


Oliver Cassidy is the author of The Broken Dish. He's usually more upbeat.


RomanceWriter said...

A nice one to start this project off. I liked the way it was written. It painted the perfect portrait of her and then crashed it down around the readers feet when she killed herself.

Madame Goodrich said...

This one is EXCELLENT!!! I have a tendency to use the same adjectives over and over...but I really mean them. This was precisely written. Poor Bern, life when on without her.

Brown-stone Poets said...

Wow, this is like my old job. Once you're gone, you're fogotten.