Not as Strong as I Think I Am

by Blue Eyed Baby

I am a strong person. I am an intelligent woman. I am independent and self-reliant. Some days, I feel invincible. How pathetic is it that a 25-year-old accountant is the only thing that makes me feel weak? Damn him.


Blue Eyed Baby is a reluctant Bay Area resident. Writing is her passion but none of her work has seen the light of day. Well, except this.


Sandi said...

Not pathetic at all. ;)

melanie said...

I'm sure he wears glasses. All cute accountants wear glasses.

Galaxy of Knives said...

why do you feel pathetic if you lean on someone?

Madam Z said...

His assets are your liabilities. Do not lose your balance. You will profit from his loss.

Anonymous said...

If you love him keep him. If not kick him to the curb. (Good piece)

Jeanette Cheezum

S. Bevins said...

Amen, sister. I've got my own man that vindicates yet weakens. My, how love is paradoxical. Very good piece. When people can relate, you'll get the most reaction.