The New York in Me

by Chester Tam

Every Christmas I come home, for a week or so, to spend time with my family and every year I come to realize that I prefer living in Los Angeles. There's this "go fuck yourself" attitude looming over New York City that I used to embrace, but now that I'm getting older, I despise it. From driving, trying to switch lanes in the city, to waiting for a car to let you over so that you can turn into a vacant parking spot, to even the simplest thing of holding a door open for a stranger, it's such a huge fucking deal for someone to do. I know what you're thinking, this sounds like the hackiest stand-up bit... well go fuck yourself! I guess I still do have some New York in me after all. Bingo!


Chester Tam, internationally known as “Chez,” is the personification of cool and a Zen-like master of both the written and spoken word. His exploits are frequently chronicled on The Lonely Island’s Chez Chat, and he looks great in shades. (Just don't tell K-Fed.)