Lightfoot, Julius

by breakylegg

I was in the den writing something completely different when two things happened at once: my nose started bleeding and the phone rang. Guy on the other end was either deranged or drunk or both and kept yelling "Uhhh Uh" through the static of my shabby cordless. Next time the phone rang, I sprinted out to the living room with a paper towel held to my right nostril so I could read Caller ID before picking up. Connection was still scratchy, but now it was clear the previous Uhhhs were Eds. Except I am not Ed and I don’t know any Julius Lightfoot. Then the line went dead and I stopped bleeding.


breakylegg is currently working on "Night of the Bloody Clown," his first novel. When not bleeding or typing in his mother’s shady den, he likes to float in her pool eating cheese and crackers.