Don't Tell Jill

by Robert McEvily

Today’s my girlfriend’s birthday, so I held the date, knowing I’d write something special, and I originally thought I’d write a very romantic piece, a real public display of affection, but then I remembered that awkward Valentine’s Day years ago when – guitar in hand – I burst into a class she was taking and belted out what I thought was a really cool and quirky love song. Boy, did she hate it. She hated the attention. That’s the kind of woman she is. Strong and smart and professional (yet so much more outrageously fun than anyone I’ve ever met, especially when fun’s on the menu). So if you know her and see her, please don’t tell her I wrote this – just tell her you have a pretty good idea that I love her more than anything else in the world.


Robert McEvily, author of With Thanks to Omar Giles, is the creator and senior editor of Six Sentences. He lives in New York City.


beth said...

too sweet! well done. and she will love it! : )

Kimi said...

This is so delicious. I loved it. Jill is a ver lucky woman indeed.

Life From the Front Row said...

You guys rule.


gia said...

Hey there, Rob. Glad to see you are still doing your thing...Omar Giles is brilliant! It killed me.

Anonymous said...

sweetest truth in six sentences.